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“The Fundamentals of what journalism is about don't necessarily change. What will change is the delivery of the news”. With this belief, we came into existence in the year 2018 as “NewsPlus24x7” with the firm belief and purpose to inform, to educate, to engage, to entertain and thus raise the quality of human life. We will achieve this by continuing to provide our audience with news, views and other forms of information and knowledge across platforms. 

Our Portal will continue to raise the standards of journalism with innovative programming and uncompromising integrity. Incisive and creative, the channel targets the global Indians with news that is credible true and fast. With the objective of leaving footprints in the audience and the industry with the defined mission and vision statement of our channel. For the upcoming years of our journey, NewsPlus family is looking forward for the blessings and support of our viewers, pre-bonded advertisers, and all the others. We also welcome the new advertisers with folded hands request for embellish and unbreakable wayfare.


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Our purpose, as a unified team, is to contribute to the prosperity and well-being of people at work, or at play, by creating and distributing comprehensive, dynamic, broadcast solutions that inform, educate, entertain and engage.



We aspire to be thought leaders in India on a foundation of the enduring trust of our customers and by harnessing the talent and innovation of our people. Be recognized as a preeminent, world-class Media and Communications Company that produces inspirational content channels with extraordinary broadcast experiences and to grow in a sustainable manner that ensures our economic and editorial independence and become India's most respected media group with the widest reach.

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